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I have graduated! Hurray!

After 7 years I’ve completed the course ‘Communication & Multimedia Design’ and now I can call myself…
Well there is a little debate about the title, but I think BMMS (Bachelor of MultiMedia Studies) sounds good enough.

While knowing the end of my study was coming, I started looking for jobs some weeks ago.
And currently I’m in anticipation for the outcome of the (really nice) interview I’ve had last wednesday!


I’ll be abroad for the next four weeks. Visiting my girlfriend who’s currently doing her internship in Namibia!
So, I know this might sound strange but, I will not post any beats the next month.
Yes, I know, this might come as a complete shock.. but think about it, this time it’s just announced ahead 😉

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mp3 player update!


I’ve been working on a new WordPress plugin.
This plugin lets you listen to the mp3’s on a blog without stopping the music even when you browse across different pages.

A version of this mp3player can be found at the bottom of your screen!

The mp3 player is very easily customizable and can be installed in WordPress by searching for the term ‘n3rdskwat-mp3player’.
For more information about this plugin check out the plugin page.


I’m back!


My blog has been offline for a while now due to a server not being maintained anymore.
I’ve recently made the choice of hiring my own server, so my domains are slowly all coming up again.

I didn’t have the time to back-up my database, so I’ll just have to add some old beats and tunes over time…

Only thing that will miss is an idea when the beats were made because the dates are all gone too.

Enjoy and have fun!

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