mp3 player update!


I’ve been working on a new WordPress plugin.
This plugin lets you listen to the mp3’s on a blog without stopping the music even when you browse across different pages.

A version of this mp3player can be found at the bottom of your screen!

The mp3 player is very easily customizable and can be installed in WordPress by searching for the term ‘n3rdskwat-mp3player’.
For more information about this plugin check out the plugin page.



  1. sebos  •  Apr 12, 2010 @1:15 pm

    HI Jip,
    Well thanks a lot for this great plugin… but can you please try to solve several mistakes: can you please replace all “<?=" by "<?php echo".
    This will permit to your script to correctly running in PHP5 + WordPress 2.9x without any trouble, by correctly display the stored values.

    Second point: can you please put as default value, the Opacity to something different from 0.. else the player will never be displyed, I think this is why there is so many people that report that this plugin does not work.

    So, again thanks a lot and do not hesitate to contact me if you need more info or any help (perhaps french translation… why not ?".

  2. Jipmeisterfunk  •  Apr 12, 2010 @1:32 pm

    That is a very good suggestion, thanks. I will apply that ASAP and update the player.
    I guess your default value of 0% opacity is connected to the php_short_tags problem, which doesn’t allow the value to be entered correctly, thus after the first save it’s being set to 0% and doesn’t show.

    Thanks for the offer of the translation, I will save your address for the time that I’m going to work on the translations (I need to add dutch myself too)!

  3. sebos  •  Apr 13, 2010 @9:31 am

    Hi Jip (I do not know your private mail so I use this),

    Thanks for the quick update, we are near the perfection.
    Just some points regarding the xhtml/html compliance: can you please replace all your “SELECTED” by “selected=’selected'” in options.php…
    and please same way for CHECKED => checked=’checked’…
    Ah.. and near the line 220, in the input, the dir=”RTL” must be lowercase.. so rtl..
    (there is 2 other RTL after…).

    No offense, it’s just that I’m a crazy optimizer 🙂

    Good luck and sure, I’m available for the translation!

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